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We are a Home-based Business

Nowadays, the home-based business industry is booming!

It wasn't that long ago when what we call a home-based business got its start. These were the ones, in every community, started by the housewives, wanting to earn some extra money to help pay the bills and mortgage. They were traditionally products that were needed around the house, such as cosmetics, plastic food storage, or cleaning supplies and supplements. Each of these businesses was run by our neighbours, our friends and our family, to whom we placed an order, after browsing through their catalogue. We then waited with excited anticipation, to hear from the host/hostess, that our treasures had arrived. It was almost like Christmas morning each time the new order arrived at the door.

For a lot of these businesses, carrying product stock is not financially feasible, nor is there any room to carry the amount of stock that would be needed to satisfy every customer's desires immediately. They also offer the services and convenience that are asked for with the busyness of every day life and can even offer us the support and respite that we need. Whatever the reason or need, chances are it is a small business that is being run from someone we know, from their home.

For us here at Crystal Lotus Healings, we are a home-based business, offering such services as Colour Therapy, Crystal Light Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Distant Reiki Energy Healing, Distant Multi-Modality Energy Healing, Distant Aura Readings, Distant Chakra Readings and Distant Oracle/Tarot Card Readings. We also offer a range of Chakra, colour-encoded products, that were created to support your overall mind, body and soul's wellness and being. Each of these products is safe for the whole family. We also offer all-natural skin care & bath care product lines, to which you can add any of our Chakra Blends. These products are from a very trusted company that I have been working with and learning from, for almost a decade, Colour Energy.

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To place an order with us, have a look through the catalogue, then send us an email to let us know what you would like to order. We accept all major credit cards and e-transfers. We can ship our products anywhere the post office will allow. We are currently placing our orders to the Colour Energy main office each month and we are offer a savings of 12% (no taxes collected) on each order.

If you are unsure where to start, book a consultation to begin on your new path of wellness.

We can be reached via email:

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