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Everything You Wanted to Know on How to Place an Order...

As a small business, we struggle to find new ways to sell our product, since we are unable to attend markets, events or in person sessions.... but we do have social media, online video and teleconferencing!

We are available to answer any of your questions about the Colour Energy Products and our alternative healing therapy services via social media post comments, social media direct messages or email.

We love and trust all of the Colour Energy products that we promote so much that we use these each day in our personal lives and in each of our professional sessions. We have been using these products for almost a decade now. Colour Energy is a company that is located in Vancouver and they use nothing but the highest therapeutic quality ingredients.

Now, I want to mention to you that Colour Energy is NOT a MLM company. They are a wholesaler from which I order, and what that means for you is no monthly subscriptions and no minimum order; you purchase only what you want, when you want. But bare in mind, we are a home based business, so I carry very limited stock at any given time, and will order more quantity as required.

Here is where I ask for your help. Please like and/or comment on our FaceBook and Instagram posts and we highly encourage you clicking that share button with your family and friends. You may not be interested at this time, but maybe someone you know is needing to see or hear what we post; help us spread the word about our website. As well, keep your eye open for any events that we attend, and most importantly, ask questions - we love to share information with anyone who asks.

Let us know what you are interested in, and/or if you are ready to purchase a product or schedule an appointment, send us an email (see end of the blog for the address), Direct Message (DM) on social media, or a message through our website.

Love Grace Gratitude

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