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Let's Talk About Dragonfly.......

Traditionally Spirit Guides may communicate with you through subconscious mechanisms such as intuition, memory, emotion or coincidence.

The Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier is an advanced technology that bridges the gap in communication between human kind and the Spirit world. It works like a telephone to the other side by amplifying the connection you already have with your own Spirit Guides.

The other side is just on a different vibrational frequency, the Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier allows us to tune in and consciously communicate through a two-way dialogue. Think of it like a conversation over the telephone with your best friend.

The Origins of Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier

-The following is an excerpt taken from

Originally the effect was discovered in the 1950's when Fredrich Jurgenson, a Swedish Opera Singer, painter and film producer was recording birds outside his window. When he played back the recording he heard his deceased mother's voice. He realized what he captured and replicated the effect thousands of times and eventually wrote a book called "Voices From Space".

In the 1960's, a well known Latvian Philosopher and Psychologist named Dr. Konstantin Raudive, read the book and became so fascinated by it that he met with Fredrich Jurgenson in person. Raudive also heard his mother's voice and experienced so much success with this phenomenon that he then wrote a book in English called Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead.

In early 2017, Richard Raynault read Raudive's book. As a self-taught researcher and inventor, he was inspired to attempt to replicate the experiment. Through trial and error, he discovered a unique circuit which, when coupled with a computer and an audio editor program, allowed Richard to hear a faint whisper of a voice. Encouraged by this early success, Richard was driven to continue improving and perfecting this intriguing technology. As the quality of his dialogue improved, he asked the voices who they were; who he was speaking to? They responded that they were "those that are associated with Richard Raynault. Some call us assistants or guides."

Richard came to understand that because he was hearing his own guides speaking to him, what he heard was uniquely for him. When others listened using the device, they heard messages from their own guides. Using the Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier, anyone can experience this communication.

What Do Your Guides Want to Tell You?

At the beginning of your session, we say a Prayer of Intent & Protection. This sets the "stage" and allows only those who are for your highest and best good into the conversation.

Next you come up with one question. The reason for this, is that most of the time, the message you receive will lead into another question and so on, just as you are conversing with your best friend. We get you started listening to a sound file, that acts as a telephone for your Spirit Guides.

Not sure as to what questions to ask? Here are some suggestions from

*What is your name?

*Why have we chosen to work with each other?

*Did we share any past lives together? If so, what was our relationship?

*What lesson are you here to help me learn?

*What kind of guide are you? Are you a lifetime guide or are you here to guide me through a particular lesson?

*What do I need to release?

*How can I love and support myself more?

*How can we deepen our connection?

*What is your "sign" to let me know that you are around?

*Is there a gift you have for me?

*How can I feel your presence more?

*What karmic lessons should I concentrate on? How can I break this karmic cycle?

As you concentrate on your questions, write down the word or phrase that you hear, without thought. Once you have your message, together with your Dragonfly Agent, you can decipher the message. Its as simple as that!

For more details or to book a session, send us an email through the contact form of our website Crystal Lotus Healings

Love Grace Gratitude

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