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The Courses That I Have Taken & The Letters Behind My Name

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

With each of the courses that I have been certified in, I have added letters behind my name. One of the top questions that I am asked is "What do they mean?"

My Journey with Alternative Healing Courses

Over the course of many years, I have taken many courses and workshops, all in the alternative therapy and energy healing spectrum.

Back in 2006, I had met a lady in a random place and she gave me her number. She said that I might want to call her within a week or so. She gave me a hug and left. Little did i know about the events that were about to take place and change the course of my life forever. I did call her and she re-introduced me to my "calling" if you will. As a kid, I always collected rocks and crystals. I was fascinated with gemstones as well. I was not looking at them because they were pretty. I often chose them with my eyes closed. This was because I could feel something from them. Something powerful, positive and healing. The lady asked if I would like to come to her home for coffee. Once there, she showed me her work room...... It was full of crystals, gemstones, alternative therapy books and tarot/oracle cards. She re-opened the healer in me! She also became my friend.

In 2007, I was searching on the internet because I was curious about Reiki. My friend, had mentioned Reiki to me in passing and it gave me goosebumps. After a little while, I found a link to a website that I felt resonated with me. Through this little school, i became certified as a Reiki Master (RM), & ThetaHealing (CTH)

At the same time, I was taking an aromatherapy course from West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy. Beverley Hawkins is a fabulous instructor, and with her gentle guidance, I became a Certified AromaTherapist (CAT). With the WCIA school I also took a few workshops: Seated Chair Massage, Aroma Massage, Indian Head Massage.

In 2011, I flew to Bali for a Women's Healing Retreat, with AromaTours, by Robbi Zeck and her husband Jim. I first met Robbi, creator of Aromatic Kinesiology and author of "The Blossoming Heart", in Vancouver while taking a course that she was instructing, which as the first of three courses for Aromatic Kinesiology, The path of Beauty. While in Bali, I had met some wonderful women, with a few I still keep in touch. From there, one of the women had invited me to stay with her and go to the Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive course in Coolum Australia. At that time, Doreen Virtue was a very sought after Angel Intuitive, with her own Angel University, and known around the world. r From her, i became certified as an Angel Intuitive (AI) and certified as an Angel Oracle Card reader (CAOR).

In 2013, I began reading the Angel Cards for more than just my family and friends. Now I was charging money for what I am doing. I was searching for a place, so that I could rent a room for the readings. I wasn't comfortable having strangers coming to my home, my safe space. After a bit of knocking on doors, I met Tina Clelland, Tina Clelland - Energy Life Coach. At the time she had a metaphysical store with rooms to rent. From her I was introduced to Colour Energy Vancouver.

Through Colour Energy, I have become certified as a BioPulsar Reflexograph Anaylist (BPR), Crystal Light Therapist (CLT), Dragonfly Analyist (DFA).

My Journey Continues....

I know that I am not finished learning and adding "tools to my toolbox" and I am excited to share each with you as it happens. I am forever grateful for each person that I meet on my path......

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