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BioPulsar Reflexograph

A Complete Overview of Your Energy and Wellbeing

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Service Description

The concept of BioPulsar Reflexology is based on the ancient art of Ayurvedic medicine, the sciences of biofeedback, reflexology, kinesiology and the languages of the body and colour (vibrational frequencies). For thousands of years, Eastern & Western cultures have applied and used the knowledge of reflexology zones in diagnosis & therapy. It is known from reflexology, that certain parts of the hand have an energetic link to the organs of the body. Eastern cutltural healing modalities assume that the hand reflex points are not only connected to the organs but also to the meridians, the aura (energetic field) and the Chakras of the person. The activity (pulse) of each reflex zone is measured and presented in real time and allows me to view the dynamics of your physical body as well as your unconscious mental and emotional responses. In Europe, Asia, India and other parts of the world, BioPulsar Refelxograph is being offered by many doctors and holistic practitioners. Disturbances in the flow of the body's energy in the aura/chakras can result in imbalances of the mind, body or spirit. The BioPulsar Relexograph shows you how you are using your energy, consciously making you aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your well being. Ask about individual appointments and events

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Victoria, BC, Canada

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