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Crystal Lotus Healings

Where Past Arts Meet Present Technology 

©Denise Franson
©Denise Franson


Denise Franson
Certified BPA, CLT, DFA, RM, CAT

After major life experiences and struggling to find my place, I decided to stop ignoring my gifts and listen to the guidance of my Spirit Guides, and ever since then, life has gotten much easier and full of love & abundance!


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Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier

Denise made me comfortable and at ease about trying the Dragonfly for the first time. There was an in depth explanation about what was going to happen and some very helpful pointers regarding what to ask it initially. Connecting with the Spirit has never been easier or clearer.  Try the Dragonfly, you will love it!



I am amazed at how accurately, the BioPulsar shows my exhaustion and stress.  I thought it a one-of but when I see Denise, I can see the changes that are happening in real time and my progress.  I have even used  the BioPulsar before and after an acupuncture treatment.  We could see the positive changes right before our eyes and it showed my acupuncturist how I am improving with treatments. 


I brought a very dear friend to have a session with the Dragonfly, she was profundly touched by the messages she received, it brought a sense of peace to her. I am profoundly grateful. I too always receive insight and clarity around questions I am asking



Denise Franson

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